Liveblog - In case you missed it: Headlines 12/14/21

With so many crazy things happening, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  Here are some headlines that you may find interesting and worth discussing. Please feel free to post ‘headlines’ you would like to share that we may have missed.

President Biden/Biden Administration:

The Redheaded Badass:


Watch the House of Representatives vote to hold Mark Meadows in criminal contempt


One Year Ago Today:

Effectiveness of Pfizer’s Covid pill confirmed in further analysis, company says

The company applied for emergency use authorization for the oral antiviral in November.

Should’ve Gotten the Vaccine:

29 Percent of U.S. COVID Deaths Occurred After Vaccines Were Open to All Adults

  • According to the September data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who were fully vaccinated have 14 times lower risk of dying compared to people who are unvaccinated.

“Deaths continue…most of them unvaccinated, most of the unvaccinated because somebody somewhere fed them information that was categorically wrong and dangerous,” National Institute of Health Director Francis Collins said.

Should’ve Listened to Dr. Fauci Instead of Some Ignorant, Illiterate, Racist, and ‘Fullish’ MAGAt:

How to Trigger an Ignorant, Illiterate, Racist, and ‘Fullish’ MAGAt: Let Joe know that the unproven and dangerous ‘cures’ for COVID-19 that he and the dumbest posse ever pimp will get people killed. Fire up those wrongful death suits–even the junkyard bunnies and apple cores aren’t safe.

Pay attention, science denying, conspiracy minded MAGAts:

American Taliban/MAGAts/Wing Nuts/GUNZ:

Herschel Walker confronts his mental health, domestic violence allegations

January 6 Updates:

D.C. attorney general sues Proud Boys, Oath Keepers over Jan. 6 attack

The civil suit, which the attorney general said is the first such state or municipal action against the groups, charges that they “conspired to commit acts of violence.”


State News:

3 residents of The Villages arrested for casting multiple votes in 2020 election

Few Central Floridians have faced similar charges over past two decades, records show

S.D. teachers scramble for dollar bills in a ‘dash for cash’

An event meant to help raise money for classrooms is being criticized over its optics and as being demeaning to educators.

Black woman handcuffed naked during raid at wrong home set to get $2.9 million from Chicago

Anjanette Young sued the city and several police officers over the 2019 botched raid at her apartment.

Ohio’s Finest:

Ohio city reverses ban on abortions

Spoiler Alert: No abortion clinic exists in the county.

AZ students on hunger strike for voting rights:

Other News:

Socialism ‘propaganda’ cost Democrats Latino votes in 2020 as concern persists

Playing on socialism fears among Latino voters is a modern “red panic” story that weaponizes the American Dream, say Democratic pollsters.

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