‘Very Lucky’: Parish Grateful After Warren Church Fire

A Christmas Miracle

A fire started Sunday morning at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Warren  Ohio.

A passerby saw flames and called the fire department. A candle left lit overnight may be to blame.

The fire happened Sunday morning, about an hour and a half before Mass was scheduled to take place. 

“They’re very lucky. That could have been a total loss depending how long it continued to burn,” said Warren Fire Department chief Ken Nussle.

One parishioner called it a “Christmas miracle” that the fire didn’t do more damage than it did.

“Literally God had to have intervened to save this church right before Christmas,” said parishioner Susan Deleo.

“We’re grateful to God that we were spared a much more catastrophic loss,” said Blessed Sacrament pastor Fr. Christopher Cicero.

Most of the fire damage was contained to the ambo but there was smoke damage throughout the church. 

✱ The ambo area and liturgical books in that area were completely burnt but the fire did not spread.

Air purifiers have been deployed in the church .

✱ The fire is being called “accidental”.


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