Mike Lindell to Spend ‘Whatever It Takes’ on Claims Trump Won in 2020, Already Spent $25M


“I will keep spending it because there is no tomorrow. We lose our country. We either only have two paths: either it gets changed before the 2022 election or we lose our country forever. I will spend every dime I have,” Lindell told CNBC during a nearly hourlong interview Wednesday. “I will spend whatever it takes.”

Lindell, a staunch Trump loyalist, has been a key promoter of discredited claims that the last presidential election was “stolen” in favor of President Joe Biden. He has alleged that China hacked the election to prevent Trump from winning, but the “evidence” he has brought forward has been consistently debunked by cybersecurity and election experts. Nonetheless, the businessman plans to keep on fighting for Trump and spending his money in the process.

It’s unclear exactly how much Lindell is worth overall. Several websites—including Celebrity Net Worth—estimate that it’s about $50 million in total. Earlier this year, Lindell said that he’d lost some $65 million in My Pillow sales because of his ties to the former president. As of April, more than 20 retailers had removed My Pillow products from their shelves.

Lindell has repeatedly promised supporters results in his efforts to prove election fraud, but he has repeatedly failed to deliver. Ahead of Thanksgiving last month, he vowed that states’ attorneys general would sign on to a lawsuit that would go before the Supreme Court and lay out “evidence” that China hacked the election.

✱ Has said the Supreme Court would rule 9-0 to throw out Biden’s election victory.

✱Lindell had previously said Trump would be reinstated in January, March, July August, then September.


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