Akron, OH authorities looking for thieve(s)who looted a 58-foot bridge

Detectives in Akron, OH are looking for the individual or individuals responsible for looting a 58 foot, pedestrian bridge that existed a long the little Cuyahoga river in Akron’s east end. The city had removed the bridge from the park as part of a wetlands restoration project. They planned to repurpose the bridge for another project but on November 11, police learned that someone or some people looted the bridge but did so in phases.

“It could be used for a variety of different things to include as simple as landscaping or they could use it for some other engineering project, some other large scale project, said Lieutenant Mike Miller.

According to local news channel Fox8, authorities have concluded the bridge has little recycling value so their best guess is that the suspects are looking for someone in the market for a complete pedestrian bridge or the components of the bridge.

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