Last Call: December 18, 2021

Gooooood evening, News Viewers, and Happy Saturday Evening.

Tag! You’re it!

So, News Views has another lurking lunatic that likes to tag us to go play in her sandbox. Ignore and block her; she’s an argumentative lunatic. She’s not a MAGAt; we have our fair share of lunatics and Char is one of them.

You can see that I blocked her long time ago because of the incessant and relentless tagging and her ridiculous arguments. In a nutshell: We could be talking about something so mundane like dog food and she would flip it and claim we had attacked transgenders, NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.

Then there’s this MAGAt.

Meet Joe who shops all over the globe for fake IP addresses to lurk on News Views ALL FREAKING DAY then tag you to one of his shiholes to harvest your IP address.

As evidenced on Jan. 6th, MAGAts are violent and dangerous. This particular MAGAt wears his racism, bigotry, homophobia, etc… on his sleeve, crocs, all over his body so—beware.

Here’s how to deal with an ignorant, illiterate, racist, and ‘fullish’ MAGAt:

Ignore the larger arrow; it does nothing but pay attention to the three dots because that’s important.

When you click on those three dots, you get this:

WTF is up with another, useless arrow?

But as you can see, you have options. If he tags you again, you can report him for SPAM, harassment, Hate Speech that Disqus does not enforce, or just block him; your choice.

And on that note, enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay safe!

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