Cy Vance Jr. was going after Trump. Now it appears he’s just going. . .

Vance Is Set to Leave Manhattan DA Office Without Charging Trump (

Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is set to leave office next week without bringing criminal charges against former President Donald Trump.

But Vance’s successor, Alvin Bragg, has indicated that he’ll keep up the pressure on Trump, and there are other signs that the investigation isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Carey Dunne, who currently serves as general counsel to Vance and who’s spearheaded the DA’s arguments related to the Trump investigation in both federal court and the Supreme Court, has agreed to stay on the case, according to CNN. Bragg also wants Mark Pomerantz, a former federal prosecutor who tackled organized crime cases and whom Vance hired to work on the Trump investigation, to stay on. 

The New York attorney general’s office is working with the DA’s office on the criminal inquiry and is also conducting a separate civil probe into the Trump Organization

Trump has not been charged with any crimes and has denied wrongdoing in both the DA’s investigation and James’ civil inquiry. He’s also gone on the offensive with his public statements, painting both investigations as politically motivated witch hunts, and his legal team filed a lawsuit this week accusing James of trying to “harass” him with investigations.

Source: Business Insider

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