Trump Asks Supreme Court to Withhold Records From House Jan. 6 Committee

Trump wants the justices to reverse a unanimous ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which rejected his assertions of executive privilege and his request to keep secret roughly 800 pages of his papers. President Biden determined the material could be released to the committee.

The House investigative committee in August requested Trump’s official communications and details of his activities leading up to the insurrection by Trump supporters, an incident that forced the evacuation of the Capitol and led to the deaths of five people.

Trump sued, demanding that the documents be kept secret and arguing that he had residual rights to executive privilege as the former president despite Biden’s decision. Trump’s lawyers accused congressional Democrats of trying to intimidate the former president and emphasized the need to shield confidential executive branch information from release to protect the office of the president.

The Washington Post

The Supreme Court is not obligated to hear Trump’s case, which seeks to prevent the National Archives from giving the House committee hundreds of pages of records from the Trump White House.


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