Southern Man Caught Deceiving Babysitters Into Changing His Diapers Arrested For Second Time

JEFFERSON PARISH – State Police said 31-year-old Rutledge Deas IV was arrested Thursday at his Metairie home after he solicited someone for “alternative therapy.” Troopers said Deas texted the victim, offering to pay them to change his diapers.

Along with this, law enforcement said Deas attempted to have the victim recruit other babysitters to care for him while posing as a person with special needs.

He was charged with human trafficking. 

In 2019, Deas was arrested for “hiring babysitters who he would pay to change his diaper and treat him like a child,” according to State Police.

He pleaded guilty to 4 counts of human trafficking and was on probation.

If you were a victim of his, troopers want you to call (504) DIAPERS.


Deas, 30, was arrested in 2019 by state police and posted bail in April. He pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamines, possession of drug paraphernalia and four counts of human trafficking, reported.

WDSU reported after Deas’ arrest that one of his victims was a college student who changed his diaper six times — once at a Walmart and another time at a coffee shop. Deas reportedly admitted to having three more “babysitters” at the time.

“I used to believe that almost everyone in the world was inherently good,” one of those women told the court. “In this case, I was wrong.”

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