FBI takes woman into custody after mask confrontation on airplane: “Sit down, Karen.”

During a Delta flight between Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, an unruly and unmasked passenger got into it with another passenger about wearing a mask. A video taken of the incident shows the woman standing over another passenger telling him to mask up while she had her own mask pulled down below her chin.

The man, who said he was “eating and drinking,” became very irritated with her berating him. He launched a slew of profanities, shouts, and insults on her, then told her to, “Sit down Karen. “ “Karen” ended up slapping the man in the face after he called her a “bitch” several times.

Federal mask mandates require passengers to wear facemasks on airplanes when they are not eating or drinking.

According to Atlanta police who took the woman into custody upon arrival, “The disturbance lead to injury of fellow passengers and Delta employees. “ The FBI is now handling the case.

USA Today:


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