Free Chat Friday, Week 52

Happy New Year’s Eve News Viewers, welcome to Friday’s free chat here at News Views; today is the last day for all lousy habits, all processed food, all snarky comebacks, all road rage, all throwing shoes at the TV, all GOP homicidal fantasies, all saturated fat, all Cheetos, all nitrates and nitrites, all plastic and all inhaling and any proximity to humans, birds and deer with the dreaded wasting disease, all contact with ticks, murder hornets or racoons that stand up and growl. . . . let’s see, what have I left out?

New Year’s Day is the day of new beginnings, but this is the time of COVID and as the cartoon says about this new year — what’s so NEW about it? There is one new thing about this year — the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be looking around, checking it out, filling us in; so even if all else remains in a mind numbing state of stasis, amazing sights and discoveries are happening. That fact alone makes 2022 a New Year.

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December 16, 2021: Twisters
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Today is my mother’s birthday; she would have been 94 today, and New Year’s Eve was always more about her birthday than a new year. She died in 2017 on the day of the solar eclipse, August 21, so while Dad will have a rough time of it today, talk of the eclipse, the workings of science as seen in the movement of planets, and the odd fact that mysteries are never solved by exploration (but only intensified) will keep him remembering the good of this day.

I know interesting things are happening in your neck of the woods, and we’d like to hear about it — big life and little life things; fill us in, mi casa es su casa; what’s happening with you?