Passenger hurls racial slurs at Lyft driver; threatens to hang her from a tree

“Hey, you stupid f****** b****.  I hope you rot in hell and vote for Biden again, you stupid n*****.  I hope you rot in hell and vote for Biden again you stupid n****.  Burn in hell. And I hope they hang you from a f****** tree. You stupid n*****.  F*** you n****, n****, n****, n****, n****, n****, n****, n****, n****. You f****** n****.  F*** you n****,” the man said in the voicemail to Hector. “You are not allowed to drop me off because of your political f****** beliefs? You stupid f****** b****.”

A North Carolina a Lyft driver claims she was called racial slurs by a passenger who threatened to hang her from tree.

The incident began when she asked the passenger to please wear a mask, but of course. Lyft requires all drivers and passengers to mask up regardless of vaccination status.

Because the passenger, whom she took right back to where she found him for not complying with the company’s mask mandate, was bigly mad, he decided to blow up her phone and call her 50 times within 45 minutes. The next day, she woke up to three more voicemails from the mail passenger.

A police report shows the suspect has been involved investigated for intimidation and harassing phone calls.


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