Michigan Rep Peter Meijer Explains the GOP Has No Other Option Than Trump

Michigan Rep Peter Meijer, who was among 10 House representatives to vote to impeach Trump after the Capitol insurrection, said in a Meet The Press interview on Sunday that the GOP has no other option than to back Trump.

Meijer blamed President Biden for not being a moderate as promised, and instead tried to enact “transformational change” by becoming an LBJ or FDR without a “compelling mandate” from the voting American people.

“So that gave the rallying signal. That created a very steep divide. And at the end of the day, there’s no other option right now in the Republican Party,” he added.

In the full interview, Meijer talked about the January 6 Committee and explained his votes on subpoenas for Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows.

Meijer also spoke of “riot envy,” comparing Capitol riots to burning down cities — and “delegitimizing envy,” comparing delegitimizing elections to packing the Supreme Court and “abolishing” the Senate.

Meijer thought Republicans can win with Trump, but that a cohesive governing ideology, with some modicum of alliance to principles — would be “a larger project.”

The full six minute video is here:

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