Ted Cruz Says There are Multiple Grounds for Impeachment of Biden

Senator Ted Cruz said that there is a chance that a Republican controlled House of Representatives could begin impeachment against Joe Biden under “multiple grounds.”

The Texas Senator said that Democrats “whether it’s justified or not” weaponized impeachment against Donald Trump because they disagreed with him, and because they used it as a partisan weapon, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Cruz cited Biden’s lawless refusal to enforce the border immigration laws that allowed 2 million people to cross unimpeded.

**Editorial note: Please don’t let the cactus in the video distract you from the great words of Ted Cruz.

Cruz put the odds of Republicans taking back control of the House at 90/10, maybe higher.

But as for the Senate, Cruz says the odds for Republicans are still at 50/50. He thinks it will be a good year but says “bad maps” have more vulnerable Republican Senate seats than vulnerable Democrats.