Trump Enjoyed Riot So Much He Rewound TV to Watch It Twice, Ex-Aide Says

Former Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham. Speaking to CNN from Washington, D.C. on the first anniversary of the riot, said that Trump was in the White House dining room as the insurrection unfolded.

“He was in the dining room gleefully watching on his TV as he often did, [saying] ‘Look at all the people fighting for me,’ hitting rewind, watching it again, that’s all that I know,” said the former press secretary. Grisham also repeated her claim that former first lady Melania Trump did nothing to persuade her husband to call off his supporters from their attack on the Capitol and lawmakers inside, and announced that a group of unnamed ex-Trump administration officials plan to meet next week to talk about a plan to stop Trump in his quest to “manipulate people and divide our country.”

Source: The Daily Beast