Ted Cruz Admits He Was “Frankly Dumb” in Tucker Carlson Nuclear Meltdown

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made the unforgiveable mistake of calling the attack at the Capitol on January 6 a terrorist attack on Wednesday, and Tucker Carlson corrected him on Thursday night.

During the exchange, which was interesting to try to discern whose voice shrieked at the highest pitch, Ted seemed to circle back to calling those who attack cops as “terrorists.” Ted explained that he was mistaken and “frankly dumb” to call the insurrectionists who attacked cops “terrorists” — since he had been calling Black Lives Matter activists “terrorists” and it was silly to compare the two factions when the Democrats were politicizing the January 6 event.

It took approximately seven minutes of interrogation for Tucker to properly drag Ted through the wringer, and Ted responded with the appropriate amount of groveling for forgiveness.

The Hill, the Daily Beast

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