Disclosure or deception? New UFO Pentagon office divides believers

The U.S. government hasn’t comprehensively studied UFOs in decades — but not all ufologists are excited about a new Pentagon investigative office.

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The U.S. government is finally getting back into the UFO business.

And depending on which UFO believer you ask, it’s either a historic step forward to getting to the bottom of conspiracies or a ploy to regain control of the narrative — and possibly even prepare for interplanetary war.

The establishment of a new office, signed into law just before New Year’s, to study “unidentified aerial phenomenon” has divided the loose community of activists, researchers and pseudo scientists who hunt for proof that we are not alone in the universe.

“Our national security efforts rely on aerial supremacy and these phenomena present a challenge to our dominance,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., who spearheaded the bipartisan measure. “The United States needs a coordinated effort to take control and understand whether these aerial phenomena belong to a foreign government or something else altogether.”

A clause deeply embedded in the $ 770 billion military spending bill by the US Senate Passed on wednesday Requests the creation of a new agency to investigate reports of UFO sightings.

Under section 1683 National Defense Authorization Act In 2022, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines stated that within 180 days of President Biden’s signing of the bill, “an office, organizational structure, and structure to deal with unidentified aerial phenomena, and You need to establish an “authority”.

In its mission, the new agency “evaluates the association between unidentified flying objects and hostile foreign governments, other foreign governments, or non-state actors” and “the threat that such incidents pose to the United States.” conduct.


It’s been decades since Washington formally studied UFOs in any kind of comprehensive way, so one might expect the news would be cause for celebration among so-called ufologists.

But the movement has long believed the government is covering up the greatest secret in history, so many are having a hard time believing the feds want to do anything other than clamp down again after several years in which it became socially acceptable for former presidents and CIA directors to talk publicly about weird things they’d seen in the skies.

Source: NBC National Defense Authorization Act