Rittenhouse Friend Agrees to Plea Deal For Purchasing Assault Rifle

Dominick Black was 18 when he illegally purchased an assault rifle for Kyle Rittenhouse and was charged in 2020 for two counts of delivering a dangerous weapon to a minor, resulting in death.

Rittenhouse was 17 and too young to legally purchase that rifle, but then used the weapon to kill Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber in August 2020 during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Black, now 20, has agreed to plead no contest to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a non-criminal citation, and avoid convictions on the two felonies he’d been facing.

On Friday, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger filed the proposed plea agreement, in which Black would plead no contest to a pair of citations, and pay a $2,000 fine, and the felony counts would be dismissed.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday morning in the court of Judge Bruce Schroeder, who could reject the deal, or dismiss the original felony counts based on his ruling about the minors-with-firearms law in the Rittenhouse case.

Schroeder agreed to throw out one of the charges against Rittenhouse — that he unlawfully possessed a firearm as a minor. The defense convinced Schroeder that an exception in the law allows 17-year-olds to possess rifles and shotguns, or at least left the law too vague to be enforceable.

Black’s attorney made the same argument for dismissing the case.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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