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“You lookin’ at me?”

Good morning News Viewers, and no, it’s not a dream, this really is Monday and you really ARE awake. Welcome to Free Range, our Monday open forum with an environmental bent– today I’m thinking about Winter and animals and BTW, I don’t hear them complaining about the weather, do you?

Here in the Holler, you’d think it was the “Blizzard of ‘aught-seven” or the ice storm back in-was that ’74? when the entire world lost power for multitudes of days and Mother went into labor with Buster and almost gave birth on the snowbank?

Our 3-5 inches was melted in a day, but the T-bones on Route such and such or the slides off the road into the ditch are still being discussed.

Check out the animals in Winter, they’re doing it right First of all, they’re not going anywhere in cars, and this means they’re not sliding into other animals or finding driveways necessary. And if driveways aren’t necessary, it follows that shoveling them doesn’t need to be on the To Do list for the day.

Animals in Winter appear to be 1) Standing around aka Sheltering in Place (with occasional bouts of slow meandering); 2) Looking around at the neighbors, the scenery, each other and the tree bark but wisely staying quiet about their opinions of who and what they see; and 3) Lining up for the “fluff-shiver-cuddle” bird method of keeping warm or 4) Taking a nap and not just any nap–a long nap, a wake-me-when-it’s-over Nap. 5) Stuffing their faces full of acorns or, in my case, popcorn. possibly mac and cheese. . . .

“On second thought, I don’t think I’m ready to face Monday yet. Wake me up when it’s warmer. . . .”

It’s Winter Time here at NV, and what are you up or down to this fine Monday?

This is a Free Chat, all topics all the time (within the bounds of Miss Manners Rules of Etiquette and Civility) 😊😁What’s happening with you in your neck of the woods?