Talko Tuesday: January 11, 2022

Happy Tuesday, News Viewers and welcome to our “Roast an Anti-vaxxer’ edition.

We’ve provided them with facts; some states even tried bribing them into doing their patriotic duty to get jabbed; businesses and employers have locked them out without showing proof of their jabs but they still refuse. As a result, many vaccinated people have contracted the virus from them. Some have gotten pretty ill while other vaccinated people remained asymptomatic or suffered only the symptoms of a slight ‘cold,’ thankfully.

We tried everything, pretty much, and if their choices weren’t so selfish, negligent, and oftentimes, deadly, they would be comical because they’re so ludicrous and absurd.

So, feel free to post your favorite memes, gifs, video clips about those who remain ‘stumbling blocks’ in ending this pandemic and giving us back our real FREEEEEDUM! to live our lives like we once did.

In case you are interested: Anti-vax Barbie-“The Fun is Contagious.” Start at the ten-minute mark:

The conclusion I draw from all of their internet ‘research’ always results in this:

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