Ray Epps: GOP’s Conspiracy Theory Gets Canceled

An Arizona man named Ray Epps had been a central figure in the GOP wingnut conspiracy theory that the FBI had infiltrated the Capitol rioters, and was responsible for the violence on January 6, 2021.

Fox News personalities and GOP lawmakers alike have promoted speculation about the man who was placed on an FBI most wanted list, then abruptly removed. The theory was that if he was removed from the list, then he must have been working for the FBI.

Speaking of fools……

While authorities haven’t commented, there is a plausible explanation for why Epps hasn’t been charged with a crime. Nearly all of the 700-plus defendants charged in connection with January 6 either stepped inside the Capitol building or are accused of assaulting police on Capitol grounds. To date, no evidence has emerged showing that Epps entered the Capitol on January 6 or that he tussled with police.

According to other reports, Ray Epps was president of the Arizona chapter of the Oath Keepers in 2011, and it’s not clear whether he has cut ties with the far right group.

It was also reported that Epps was a veteran of the Marine Corp, but a Marines spokesperson said there is no record of a person with his name or birthdate being a member of the Marine Corp.

Another report states that Epps, 60, runs the Rocking R Farms wedding venue and hospitality business from his ranch in Queen Creek just outside Phoenix, Arizona.

In a brief interview with The Arizona Republic last January, Epps downplayed the comments he was recorded making about storming the Capitol.

“The only thing that meant is we would go in the doors like everyone else. It was totally, totally wrong the way they went in,” Epps said.

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