Team Trump, Led by Captain Rudy, Oversaw the Fake Elector Plot

The Trump campaign, led by America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani, oversaw the operation to appoint fake electors in seven states that the failed, twice-impeached, and defeated former president lost in 2020.

According to three sources with direct knowledge of the scheme, Giuliani and his cronies coordinated the process on a state-by-state level as a core tenet in the process of overturning Joe Biden’s win.

Trump and his top advisors publicly encouraged the alternate electors scheme in those seven states, but behind the scenes it was Giuliani and Trump campaign officials who choreographed the plan for Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Mexico.

One source said that there were multiple calls between Trump officials and state GOP officials, with Giuliani participating in at least one of the calls. The Trump campaign lined up operatives to sign the fake documents, secured meeting rooms for the signings to take place on December 14, 2020, and circulated the drafts of the fakes that were also sent to the National Archives.

Michigan GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock was overheard saying that the Trump campaign directed Republicans in Michigan to seat fake Electoral College delegates.

Meshawn Maddock

Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel is investigating the acts for possible election fraud charges, and turned the case over to the federal prosecutors.

Nessel’s office said her office has been investigating the signatories’ actions and that she “absolutely” had enough evidence to bring state charges, but referred the matter to federal prosecutors because she said the effort in Michigan appears to have been part of a multistate conspiracy to overturn the election. 

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