Mitch McConnell tries to clean-up his blatantly racist comment

Senator Mitch McConnell finds it ‘deeply offensive’ and an ‘outrageous mischaracterization’ of his record on voting rights and race relations, after he had “inadvertently” omitted a word in a comment earlier this week, which sparked a massive backlash on social media.

“This outrageous mischaracterization of my record as a result of leaving one word out inadvertently the other day, which I just now supplied to you, is deeply offensive,” the Kentucky Republican said Friday in Louisville.

MCConnell claimed he inadvertently left out the word, “almost,” before Americans in his comment but after consulting with an aid at the end of his news conference, he returned to the mics and attempted another clean-up. This time, Mitch meant to use the word, “all.”

But wait! There’s more. Earlier in the week, McConnell told CNN he meant to say “other” Americans.

Here is Mitch’s original statement where he ‘inadvertently’ leaves out the word, ‘almost’ or ‘all’ or, it could have even been, ‘other’:

During his ‘clean-up’ speech, McConnell checked off a bunch boxes in an attempt to prove he’s not a racist:

“I was there for Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in the audience. When I was a student at (University of Louisville), I helped organize the March on Frankfort, the first state public accommodation law. Thanks to my role model, John Sherman Cooper, I was actually there when President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act in the Capitol in 1965.”

He also added:

  • He “had African American speechwriters, schedulers, office managers over the years.”
  • Supported and recruited KY’s Attorney General who just happens to be black.

A blast from Mitch’s past:


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