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Monday AGAIN? Didn’t we just have one of these? What is life? Life is a series of Mondays which follow each other.S ome are better than others, but they’re still all Mondays. . . . That leads me to a question–suppose we knew what was going to happen today, next week and the next. . . .would we live our lives differently, make better choices, save the earth, walk rather than drive, recycle, go Vegan?

On the other hand, if we made those choices, would the predictions for the future then change? And voila, there we’d be again, making a different set of life choices based on those new predictions. It’s beginning to sound like not knowing the future is a good idea — sounds like there is method to that particular madness.

Since this is a new year on Free Range (our Free Chat with a focus on the planet and what we do to keep it alive, we’re listening today to the yearly prediction of Nostradamus, a man who was formerly alive and made an accurate prediction about a million years ago and thus attained the status of Seer for the Ages who makes predictions every year.

Note: Nostradamus usually got his predictions all wrong, but here on Free Range we say “Hey. If it’s an accurate prediction, we can take credit for being the newest fortune tellers. And if we make a wrong prediction, we can rest assured we’re in good company since Nostradamus was all the rage, despite not being able to tell the future from a hole in his sock.

So today, I say we’re looking at a win-win on our Monday free chat which means this is the kind of Monday we never foresee. Glad you’re here to share all your predictions, do-overs, solutions, and ideas for insuring a future for our world that is a win and not an “oh no”!

What’s going on in your world–this is a free chat, anything goes and everything stays within the bounds of reason and civility. Whatcha Got?