Trump Endorsee For Michigan State Senate Tells Crowd to “Lock and Load” to Prevent Election Fraud

A Republican in Livingston County, Michigan, told a crowd on Saturday that people should come armed, “locked and loaded” to protect Republican poll watchers.

Detmer’s response was to a question about how to protect from the “manhandling” of the GOP poll watchers as they felt had happened at Detroit’s TCF Center in the 2020 election.

“The ideal thing is to do this peacefully,” he said at another point. “That’s ideal. But the American people, at some point in time, if we can’t change the tide, which I believe we can, we need to be prepared to lock and load.”

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel pointed out that the suggested tactics were illegal.

Republican Mike Detmer made the remarks at an event for Republican Ryan D. Kelley’s gubernatorial bid.

Kelley’s brilliant idea was thus: “If you see something you don’t like happening with the [voting] machines, if you see something wrong, unplug it from the wall.”

Detmer, a used car salesman who was endorsed by Trump, has been wildly controversial and has advocated for the killing of those he deems guilty of “election fraud” in 2020 by “firing squad.”

Detroit News