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Good morning, NewsViewers — it is still morning and the coffee is not working as well as I’d hoped to clear the lead from my veins. Shingrix — I’ll just say that I sure hope it works to keep me from getting shingles.

Welcome to Coffee Talk where the talk is cheap — does it get any cheaper than free? We’re here to provide your free chat space for Thursdays, and in the event your head is as cloudy as mine is today, we also provide a selected topic of the day to inspire some chit-chat.

Today’s Topic:

The Winter Olympics Games are set to open on Friday in Beijing, with more than 200 American athletes competing. While the opening ceremonies are set for 8pmET on Friday, some competitions have already started. Get ready for some skiing, hockey, figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding, luge, bobsledding, and the exciting curling competitions — and more that I’m surely forgetting. There are 109 events under 15 disciplines across seven sports.

Name an Olympic athlete or Olympic event that captivated you, or an event you’re looking forward to watching.

Here’s a link that provides a schedule of events, with athletes, teams, daily schedules and Olympics news.

And of course, the daily suggested topic is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free chat topics. What else is happening in your world?