Free Chat Friday, Week 5

Happy Friday News Viewers, and welcome to Friday’s free chat, where it’s always warm, sunny, civil, reasonably sane, free of plagues and novel viruses, where books are treasured and insurrectionists are jailed.

OK, so this is Fantasy Friday,– we can dream right? Not everybody wants to take the Red Pill, and on this Friday, we may just want the Blue Pill. After all, with temps of about 8 degrees and car doors frozen shut, a Friday game of “Let’s Pretend” sounds good to me. If only we could pull it off; lately, reality seems tough to avoid.

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So whether we’re facing a reality of climate, fraud, haters and oppression OR choosing to take the day off from the REAL in deference to the PRETEND, we know we’re going to talk about it, and when the day is finished, we’ll end up walking that fine line between the reality and hopes/dreams and knowing (as they say) that “We’ve got this…..”

Tell us what is what in your neck of the woods or in the alternate reality where you’re choosing to spend time today– anything goes after all, and everything stays, within the bounds of social sanity, that is…… 😁😁 So whatcha got, News Viewers?