Talko Tuesday: February 8, 2022

Good morning, News Viewers and welcome to Tuesday. Any day that isn’t Monday starts off well for me but…it’s still very early.

Making any plans for the weekend, Super Bowl, or perhaps, Valentine’s Day? We might walk down the street to a tap house on Saturday to hear a local band we like. The weather is awesome and everything is held outside but, it can get crowded and I really don’t like crowds. So, I’m still contemplating going or not.

I’ll watch the Super Bowl but I really don’t care for either team. Damn, as I writing this, I am hearing a, “It will never work” tone but that’s really not my intention.

I think my intention or “tone” focuses more on indecisiveness and making plans for the weekend when it’s only Tuesday. So, what are your plans for the weekend that could easily change since it’s only Tuesday and the weekend seems so far in the future since…’s only Tuesday?


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