‘It’s not the Republican National Committee, it’s the Republican National Cult’

Since the Raygun years, probably longer but that’s what I will use as my matrix, the Grand Old Party has devolved into a Death Cult or the Cult of Stupid. When a Black man (President Obama) entered the White House, they lost their collective minds and accelerated their spiralization into what is commonly known as a cult. The rise of the grifter, fraudster, and morally bankrupt Donald J. Trump really fueled their cult mentality, emboldened their racism and hate, and made ignorance something to be especially proud of.

MTG has become the poster child for everything that’s wrong with today’s GQP. Of course, she’s not alone; there are many of our elected officials with Rs next to their names that are equally ignorant and insane but, she’s out front, all day, everyday.

Watch below:

Thom Hartmann wrote an excellent piece, which sums up today’s GQP Cult perfectly. I have included a few key parts of the article below:

Has America Reached the “Tipping Point” Where Most are Sickened & Disgusted by the Twisted GOP Death Cult?

“As this high-level schism plays out within the GOP, Republican politicians on the ground have stopped even pretending to hold or promote the values that were traditionally the mother’s milk of campaigning:

  • They no longer even bother to hold town hall meetings with constituents. 
  • Many don’t answer their publicly published phones any longer.  
  • Mitch McConnell long ago gave up on principle or ethics; he’s been all about pure power since Obama was elected. 
  • The party that has long proclaimed itself the champion of “family values” can’t even muster a dozen votes to extend the child tax credit or support free pre-school. 
  • The “party of morality” that spent three years going after Bill Clinton for getting a BJ from a consenting adult no longer even bothers to justify Trump’s 20+ charges of rape and sexual assault. 
  • The “law and order party” has declared that assaulting over 140 police so severely they had to be hospitalized, smearing feces on the walls of the US Capitol, and trying to overthrow our government are “legitimate political discourse.”  
  • Republicans always claimed to be the best at economics, but have embraced tax cuts since 1981 that have created a $30 trillion national debt. 
  • The party of “one nation, under God” has embraced open racism in its attacks on teaching Black history.
  • Patriotism and honor were values the GOP has used for decades to woo voters, but since Trump the party doesn’t even bother. 
  • Even science is no longer something Republicans feel comfortable with, from Covid to sex-ed to evolution and climate change. 
  • And don’t even think about honest history: Republicans across the nation are trying to ban the stories of the struggles of Black, Hispanic, Asian or Native Americans.  
  • Republicans used to performatively embrace kindness (kissing babies was always big) but now they openly promote assault weapons and militias that are simply this generation’s brutal version of the Klan.”

Hartmann also calls out Rupert Murdock for his blatant hypocrisy and touches on the mass grifting some of the most wingnutty of these wingnuts engage in.

Please take a few moments to watch the video I shared, read Thom Hartman’s article, and comment below.

Who is the most intellectually challenged US Senator?

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