The latest GQP outrage: The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime Show has Wing Nut World in a frenzy. Not only did the show feature lots and lots of black folks on stage, Eminem took a knee “and held his head in his hand in apparent tribute to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.”

League spokesman Brian McCarthy told The New York Times that the NFL was aware that Eminem was going to kneel because he had made the gesture during rehearsals.

The gesture came as Eminem finished performing his 8 Mile anthem “Lose Yourself” during an all-star celebration of hip hop led by Dr. Dre.

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk took to Twitter to voice his displeasure.

“The NFL is now the league of sexual anarchy. This halftime show should not be allowed on television,” he wrote.


Shockingly, one conservative who did appreciate the show was Blexit founder Candace Owens: “This is an excellent Super Bowl halftime performance.”

“Undeniable hip-hop and R&B excellence,” she added.


Many of her conservative followers disagreed, complaining of a lack of diversity, that it was “catering to 13 per cent of the nation”, and some saying they didn’t understand the lyrics.

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