Talko Tuesday: February 15, 2022

We’ve all had ‘those days’ where everything that could go wrong does goes wrong. You feel frustrated and teeter between, “I just want to punch something” to ” I just want to cry or scream!” I had one of ‘those days’ yesterday. But, I usually try to find something positive in pretty much whatever I can and I did; I resolved every issue I had thrown at me yesterday. By last night, my mood changed and I went to sleep knowing that I did a massive clean-up on Aisle L—L for Life.

So, how do you tackle problems or as ‘some people’ say, challenges?

I wasn’t blessed with a lot of patience and can easily become irritated with dumbasses or people who interrupt and talk over you. The dumbass can be dealt with by reiterating their nonsense and ‘politely’ (at least at first until the conversation gets even more ridiculous) asking the person how that even makes sense or works. Most of the time, it gets the person to actually think and realize that what they’re saying makes no sense and won’t work…most of the time.

The interrupter guy is the worst! I usually can handle a few interjections then I get pissed off if it continues. In my not so proud moments, I have said to people, ” Perhaps, if you let me tell you the issue and listen before interjecting or erroneously anticipate what I’m trying to explain, you might get it.” But, what’s really going through my mind is, “If you would just shut up and let me talk, we might be able to resolve the matter.”

While trying to resolve a few matters yesterday, I encountered both types of people I just described. But, I got through it and….issue resolved.

Tell me your great customer service encounters or share your nightmare from hell experience.

And—Happy Tuesday!


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