Freedom Convoy Truckers Not Supported by Canadian Truckers’ Union But By Wingnuts

Canadian truck drivers protesting vaccine mandates have become the darlings of the right wing in both Canada and the U.S., but are not supported by the Canadian truckers union. Canadian truckers are trying to distance themselves from the protesters they see as radical and a fringe movement.

Protests against mandates for truckers that cross the U.S./Canadian border began January 28 and have attracted a host of right wing and anti-government groups. Some of those protesters aren’t even truckers.

  • James Bauder, leader of Canada Unity, is well known for pushing conspiracy theories.
  • Action4Canada, another group behind protesters, says on its website that Bill Gates is implanting microchips with the vaccine.
  • Tamara Lich, leader of a radical group called the Maverick Party out of Calgary, supports the separation of three western provinces from the rest of Canada.

WaPo and NYT

Ottawa Police are now warning protesters in the city to leave now or else face criminal charges, arrest, and denial of entry into the U.S., as well as seizure of vehicles. Similar warnings were handed out prior to authorities clearing out the convoy at the Ambassador Bridge.

Ottawa’s police chief resigned Tuesday after criticism of an insufficient response.


Coming to America

American protesters are planning the movement to continue in the U.S. with 1,000 truckers participating a late February convoy to the Capitol.

The organizers of the American convoy spoke with former Fox News host Eric Bolling at Newsmax. They are calling for an end to the declaration of emergency over the pandemic, and to restore their “constitutional rights.”


And in a stunningly stupid remark on Fox News, law professor Jonathon Turley compared the treatment of protesters in Canada to the potential arrest of Martin Luther King Jr!

Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and jailed dozens of times before his assassination.