Teacher Who Fed Students Cupcakes Laced With Husband’s Sperm Gets 41 Years in Jail !

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LOUISIANA: A Louisiana teacher has been given 41 years of jail time after she pleaded guilty to several child sex crimes, including feeding cupcakes to students laced with her husband’s sperm. Cynthia Perkins was arrested along with her husband Dennis in October 2019 and slapped with 150 felony charges, including rape, child pornography, sexual battery of a child, and video voyeurism.

However, on Monday, February 14, the 36-year-old woman took a plea deal in exchange for testifying against her now former husband, who was a Livingston parish sheriff’s deputy when taken into custody. Cynthia had initially maintained her innocence against 72 charges for multiple sex crimes. However, she later confessed to making child pornography, second-degree rape, and mingling harmful substances, which reportedly refers to an incident in which she mixed Dennis’ sperm to “season” pastries and gave them to Westside Junior High School students.

Reportedly, at the time of the ex-pair’s arrest, charges relating to a dog were also pressed against them. Following the arrest, Cynthia filed for divorce and also gave up her role as a teacher. She accused Dennis of manipulating her to carry out the crimes. Her attorney, Paul ‘Woody’ Scott, noted: “He is the real monster. That’s what she wants to make clear, it’s not about shifting blame, she took responsibility today, I mean, that’s what she did, but she looks forward to going after the real monster.”


Attorney Barry Milligan of the Attorney General’s Office, which is prosecuting the cases against both Cynthia and Dennis Perkins, asserted that justice was served following the hearing. “Today Cynthia Perkins pled guilty to three very serious felony charges,” he said, “so that will enable the family of the juvenile victim to get justice without having to go through a trial.”

Cynthia Perkins’ attorney said testifying against Dennis Perkins would give her the chance to “tell her side of the story of what happened and be a part of bringing Dennis Perkins to justice.”

Dennis Perkins is a former SWAT team commander with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The Livingston Parish News

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