Trump Jr. promotes Donald’s “Truth Social” on Twitter, Instagram claiming TS has launched

Donald Trump Jr. posts a screenshot on Instagram and Twitter of what he says is former president Trump’s first post on upcoming social media platform Truth Social.

Former President Donald Trump appears to be readying the formal launch of a social media platform and his son is promoting it in one of the most ironic ways possible.

Donald Trump Jr. shared a message his father posted on Truth Social via his Twitter account

Trump has been banned from Twitter for more than a year and is suing the site as well as other tech companies. Although he’s launched and ditched other online efforts since the ban ― including a short-lived blog ― he is now hoping to rival Twitter with his own Twitter-like service for MAGA fans.

In the meantime, his son is looking to recruit for the new service ― on Twitter, of all places.

Trump’s critics fired back with some “Truth” bombs of their own:

Source: Huffington Post