Free Chat Friday, Week 7

Happy Friday News Viewers and welcome to our free chat on Fridays; all topics all the time, within the bounds of reason, civility and good taste. 😉 Today’s important because we are, apparently, coming up on a “vibe shift,” in this culture; usually a vibe shift is seen only retrospectively as noted in the “Pandemic Phase Maze” cartoon below.

According to the people who say so, we’re about to experience a “vibe shift” in our culture. It’s just ahead of us, so we don’t know what the culture will look like as this shift happens. I have my ideas because I’m already feeling the shift. This is not “post pandemic return to normal” vibe, but more of a “this really IS the new normal. Pandemic 4-EvR vibe.

This third year into it, I’m not amused by lockdown concerts or at-home work fashion; I’m not swept away in fear or excitement over, climate, politics, cats — I watch it all go by. The “vibe shift” is happening at a deeper level (in individuals and communities)

My prediction? We’ll see a move toward paring down, lightening up, buying less, using less, repurposing more, giving more. We’ll see the rejection of lies and a scrabbling for truth, unvarnished, unedited, unnarrated, unanalyzed, the right-here-right-now acceptance of what is and a growing distaste for anything obscuring the truth from us.

This will show up everywhere-even in clothes, movies, books — clothes? simple, straight lines; movies? documentaries, with fantasy, super heroes nowhere to be found, not 3 years in; and books? non-fiction or speculative non-fiction. Down to brass tacks, enough with the denial and blame. This vibe shift will be a throwing off of what we are altogether sick of dealing with — mindless rage, lies and blame, stupid talk — at least, that’s MY prediction. Maybe because I’m already IN this vibe change,

Let us know what’s happening in your world, what’s changed in your reality, your world view, three years in to this ongoing Normal? Are you ready for a “Vibe Change?” What does this new phase look like–I wonder. . . . .