Coffee Talk

Good morning, Coffee Talkers! Today we wake up to our first Thursday free chat of March, two days post-Fat Tuesday. I skipped the paczkis, but I did throw together some peach pecan muffins yesterday and they are likely accomplishing what Fat Tuesday was meant to accomplish.

If you have muffins to chat about, by all means, do so. Otherwise, the floor is yours to chat as you please, or to add to our suggested topic of the day.

*We ask that you please refrain from petty outbursts toward others as some elected officials find amusing. (Just kidding, of course!)

Today’s Topic

We’ve been watching historical moments play out in real time this week as the conflict in Ukraine continues on television and the internet. We are seeing war first hand. While some of our NewsViewers may have military experience (and we thank you immensely for your service!), most of us rely on motion picture films to experience war. War movies encompass a wide variety of genres and eras when you think about it — from drama, action, romance, and comedy.

Name one or two of your favorite war movies, or if you prefer, a scene from one of your favorite war movies.

There are obvious and obscure options, and I don’t intend to rob anyone of their a-ha moments, but to rattle the cobwebs, you might think of Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, and Meg Ryan. Please share what speaks to you, whether dramatic or light-hearted. Let’s talk movies!

I’ll share this moment.

Enjoy your coffee, your Thursday, and your free chat!