Free Chat Friday, Week 9

It’s another Friday at News Views, and we’re coming up on two weeks of fighting in Ukraine. While Putin sent his “peacekeeping” troops into Eastern Ukraine on Feb. 21, it was Feb. 24 he dropped the peacekeeping lingo and started full on military operations aimed at assimilating Ukraine. Why? So Putin can Be Best and Make Russia Great (or at least bigger) again.

Of course, here at NV we know all this, we’ve been talking about it since the beginning, because that’s what war does — it draws our attention, takes the focus. At the same time, day to day, life outside of war has gone on so, there is plenty to talk about.

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Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee

Welcome to our Friday Free Chat; in the immortal words of Zoe (Serenity), “Now is the time, this is the place.” The Macro might be War, but the Micro continues to be the day-to-day whether it’s a family walking step by step toward the border of Poland or a nurse walking step by step down the hall of a COVID ward or a kid skipping step by step to school, it’s just that, one foot in front of the other, day to day.

What’s happening in your worlds and what’s on your minds, News Viewers? One cartoon I didn’t post was another snow globe pic — that’s what’s on my mind at the moment — it showed a cracked and fractured snow globe etched with the continents like an actual globe.

Fractured, cracked, breaking apart. We ask in the middle of crises large and small, when the snow globe breaks open– is it a destroyed container to throw away or a release of contained potential, the freeing of new ideas, thoughts, visions, formerly frozen in time and tradition?

Let’s talk about it, whatever IT is, all topics all the time, the day to day, the micro and macro, what’s on your mind?