Christian School Teacher Leads Pre-Schoolers in an Anti-Biden Chant


NORCO, Calif. (KABC) — An Eastvale mother is furious after discovering a video showing her daughter’s preschool teacher leading a political chant in which the 4 and 5-year-old students were calling for President Joe Biden to leave office.

“I was just in shock,” said Christina McFadden, who told Eyewitness News the video was posted on a school messaging app that is used to communicate with parents. The incident allegedly happened on Feb. 18 at Turning Point Christian School in the city of Norco.

The video lasts only about eight seconds. You can hear a teacher asking the students, “Who’s our President.” The students then respond in unison, “Biden!” The teacher then asks the students “What do we want to do with him?” and the students respond twice, “We want him out!”

✱The video was removed after 3 hours.

✱The school did not tell McFadden if the teacher was being disciplined.

✱The teacher has apparently been “repentant” and  “had learned from her mistake” though.


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