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Welcome to another Monday, this is Free Range, our free chat which is free ranging 😜across mountains and prairies, highways and byways, sea and sky, streams and deserts (and whatever is going on in between)….

Today is March 21, 2022, the U.N. International Day of Forests, a day to focus on forests — during this pandemic, I’m calling forests ”The earth’s masks” To continue, this planet needs a mask mandate 🙂 IOW, forests filter, absorb, house and signal — they are our planet’s masks, providing and protecting. (Resource: The UN )

”The only way out is through. … .”

Naturally, there is a down side to International Day of the Forest — and just as naturally, that down side starts in the whacked out human head.

The Creepy Forest Syndrome — a condition which probably made days like today, the Day of Forests, necessary. We’re scared of the woods in this culture — who knows what’s in there? Mystery, darkness, snapping twigs? Oh no, I don’t think so. …

hese grainy images were taken from a boat about 2 a.m. Saturday Dec. 24, 2019 on Lake James in North Carolina. BIGFOOT911 PHOTO


How do too many humans roll? — we’re fearful, we know we’re a species that can disappear. We need the planet, we need each other. And what we depend on, we resent; what we resent we objectify; what we objectify, we exploit; what we exploit, we destroy, or we try to. Whether it’s a forest, a race, a gender, a species — at this rate, we probably need day set aside for just about everything. …

(“We’re not trees, we’re ents!”) LOTR 2002, 2003….

The Blair Witch Project (1999)
The Witch (2015)

Robert Frost said O SO poetically, ”the woods are lovely, dark and deep. …” but I beg to differ, ”the woods are terrifying, dark and deep. … ” 😜

Deliverance (1972)

What better way to start a week? A week is its own kind of forest, and while we hike through this one, I’m wondering what we’ll encounter step by step. … whatever it is, let’s talk about it— this is our NV open forum — what’s happening in your neck of the woods?