Paul Manafort Blocked From a Flight to Dubai

Federal authorities prevented former Trump campaign chief and convicted criminal Paul Manafort from boarding a flight in Miami departing for Dubai.

Manafort was attempting to travel on an Emirates Airline flight on Sunday with a revoked passport when Customs and Border Patrol agents barred him from boarding the plane without incident.

Manafort’s passport was revoked after his arrest in 2017. He was convicted by a jury in August 2018 of eight tax and bank fraud crimes. In May 2020, Manafort was released from prison before serving a seven year sentence due to concerns about the coronavirus. In December 2020 the former guy pardoned him.

Manafort is not legally prevented from leaving the country or from applying for a new passport to replace his old one. It was not clear why he had tried to travel on an invalid passport.

Dubai’s airport offers flights to multiple airports in Russia.