Free Chat Friday, Week 12

Happy Friday News Viewers — it’s another Friday — following a Monday through Thursday filled with chaos and drama. On our televisions we see a war , a confirmation hearing, a new COVID variant and crazy weather patterns, and on our televisions we hear the talk-talk-talk of the analysts, consultants and experts telling us how outraged, appalled, saddened or elated we should be.

This is Friday’s open forum on NV, the place we turn it around and tell each other how it really is, in our opinions and not those of the talking heads, in this, the first week of Spring, 2022.

With all that’s happening on a national and international scale, the local and the personal be forgotten. We’d love to hear about them as well– anything goes and everything stays here on our Free Chat, within reason of course. . . .What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Is it good news, bad news or something in-between?