Michele Bachmann Preaches ‘End Times’ Prophesies on Steve Bannon Show

‘Predicted in the Bible!’ 

“This is all planned and designed to collapse the United States down that we would be so weakened that we would go into this global government system!”  Bachmann said. “It’s unbelievable!”

At this point, Bannon appears to be trying to stifle a smirk.

“This is actually predicted in the Bible, these times that we’re living in!” she said. “And what I’m seeing is that the Bible is probably the most relevant document on Earth right now because it talks about these times we are living in! It’s uncanny!”

“OK…” Bannon said.

Bachmann went on to say that world leaders, including President Joe Biden, are in a conspiracy to shift national governments to one reigning world government that will control all currency and transactions.


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✱Regent University and its Board of Trustees named Bachmann as the new dean of the Robertson School of Government in 2021.


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