Marjorie Taylor Greene Channels QAnon and Calls GOP Senators Pro-pedophile

As an appeal to the QAnon MAGA crowd, Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted on Monday that any Senator who supports the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court is pro-pedophile.

GOP Senators Romney, Murkowski, and Collins made statements that they would support the nomination.

Romney said he had concluded that Jackson was “a well-qualified jurist and a person of honor.”

Murkowski said in her statement that she was basing her “yes” vote on Jackson’s “qualifications, which no one questions; her demonstrated judicial independence; her demeanor and temperament; and the important perspective she would bring to the court as a replacement for Justice Breyer.”

“It also rests on my rejection of the corrosive politicization of the review process for Supreme Court nominees, which, on both sides of the aisle, is growing worse and more detached from reality by the year,” Murkowski added. 

The Hill

QAnon Marge has a history of promoting conspiracy theories and misleading information, but she seems to be picking up where Senator Josh Hawley left off when he painted Judge Jackson as soft on criminals convicted of possessing child pornography. QAnon believers think that Democratic elites run child sex-trafficking rings.

But it seems the marching orders to discredit Judge Jackson come from the top.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has explained the dark money network who gives Republicans their “pro-pedophilia” talking points. Josh Hawley’s wife and Ted Cruz’s opposition research point man are on the team feeding the attack on Judge Jackson as bad for children, bad for America.

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