Woman Accused of Killing Cyclists Said She Was ‘Uncontrollably’ Defecating !

DATELINE SALT LAKE CITY: A 47-year-old woman accused of fatally hitting two bicyclists with her vehicle told Washington City officers she swerved when she began “uncontrollably” defecating, Utah police said.

In an affidavit, police said the woman driving the Hyundai Genesis told them she was on medication for a number of illnesses, including irritable bowel syndrome, and began to “uncontrollably defecate on herself” while driving, KUTV reported. 

The affidavit said she swerved into the bicycle lane, striking the two men, but continued driving because she “could not get her vehicle to stop,” the Gephardt Daily reported. The engine died a few hundred yards away.

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According to the police affidavit, the cyclists were brothers from California who were in Washington City competing in a race. An individual who saw the crash said the two were riding just before noon when a Hyundai Genesis swerved into the bike lane and hit them.

Witnesses attempted life-saving measures at the scene, but the cyclists were unresponsive, police said. The two were transported to St. George Regional Hospital where they both died from their injuries.

Budge was arrested on suspicion of two counts of automobile homicide due to criminal negligence, both second-degree felonies; two counts of failure to remain at an accident involving death, both third-degree felonies; and two counts of DUI with serious bodily injury by negligent operation, both third-degree felonies. She is also facing a class B misdemeanor charge of reckless driving and an infraction for improper lane travel.

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