GOP County Convention Erupts Into Chaos

Each Michigan county held GOP conventions on Monday night, but deeply red Macomb County featured three hours of insults, verbal onslaughts, bullhorns, and the eventual ousting of the county’s party convention chairperson. There were lots of accusations such as “commie,” “RINO,” “shut up,” and “sit down.” There also was a cash bar operating.

The ruckus was fed by the Trump endorsed candidate for Michigan attorney general, Matt DePerno.

All seemed calm at first as local party Chair Mark Forton began to speak, but the crowded convention room almost immediately turned to pandemonium after the Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Forton has been openly critical of those who haven’t been Trumpy enough to push for a forensic audit in the state. Republican delegates are to be chosen for the state convention on April 23. Those delegates will be choosing Republican candidates for attorney general and secretary of state to challenge Democrats Dana Nessel and Jocelyn Benson.

In attendance were some of the Michigan GOP’s finest: John James, Black man for Trump who gets trotted out and defeated each election cycle; Peter Lucido, the Macomb County Prosecutor, currently and previously under investigation for sexual and workplace harassment, was overheard saying, “This party is a mess.”

Mellissa Carone, Rudy Giuliani’s fart-sniffer, was also present and was surprised at the ousting of party chair Mark Forton. Carone to a reporter:

“this is a battle of two different groups,” Carone said. “It’s a power battle. … What I’ve seen since I’ve been involved in politics is disgusting. There is no difference between these Democrats and these Republicans, they’re all corrupt.”

After the vote, Carone said the split within the party has evidently grown deeper.

“It doesn’t matter. They won’t have anybody at their meetings. None of these people even know what’s going on. … We will just move parties. We will make our own and it’ll be fine,” Carone said. 

Current Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel enjoyed the show from home.

Michigan Advance, Deadline Detroit