Sean Hannity Lies, Claims He Always Warned His Audience Away From Ivermectin

Now Says Not a Single Study Shows Cow Dewormer Works On Covid

Fox News host Sean Hannity is now pretending that he consistently warned his audience against the use of ivermectin, the antiparasitic drug that a constellation of right-wing personalities and grifters promoted as a COVID-19 treatment that a major study now shows is ineffective.

“People wrote this story, by the way, that I had been telling people [to use] ivermectin. Linda, is that not the one thing that I kept saying, there’s not a single study that I’ve seen that shows that it works?” he asked his producer on his nationally syndicated radio show on Friday. “One hundred percent,” she replied. He later suggested that his discussion of the drug was limited to hosting “guests on this program [who] mention it as part of their protocol; anecdotally they say it works.”

Hannity’s claim that he had waved his audience away from ivermectin is a bald-faced lie. In reality, last summer he sold his Fox and radio audiences out to the right-wing hucksters promoting the drug as a treatment for COVID-19. He repeatedly and recklessly touted the drug’s “incredible” promise as a COVID-19 therapeutic. While he claims now that he consistently said that not “a single study” shows that ivermectin works, at the time, he said that “numerous studies” proved that it did. 

Hannity was one of ivermectin’s most fervent proselytizers to the Fox audience. The drug was mentioned at least 25 times on Hannity from December 2020 through early April 2022, good for the fourth-most mentions of any Fox broadcast. Hannity repeatedly told his viewers that ivermectin was one of several “incredible therapeutics” with proven effectiveness against COVID-19.

Here’s several of the times Hannity endorsed ivermectin for COVID.



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