Note to Lunatics: The Subway Shooting was REAL

It seems as though after every mass shooting in the Good Ol’ US of A, which is quite frequently, conspiratorial lunatics, AKA: The Lunatic Fringe, take to social media to claim what occurred was fake, a false flag, and a catalyst for the ‘gubmint to take away our gunz.’ The recent shooting at a Brooklyn subway station proved no differently from how they reacted to other REAL mass shootings except for it had one component that has the lunatic fringe even more convinced the incident was a ‘false flag.’

The day before the shooting, President Biden announced new measures to “fight gun crime,” which he focused primarily on ghost guns. A ghost gun was not used in this specific shooting; the shooter bought his weapon legally in Ohio. But, the timing of President Biden’s speech has fueled the lunatic fringe into believing the shooting was a ‘false flag’ and as usual, many took to various social media outlets to spew their lunacy.

This lunatic even connected the dots to COVID-19 lockdowns, tofu, and other crazy, nonsensical stuff:

Politifact has tried repeatedly to point out to viewers what are facts and what are false claims, conspiracy theories. But, when you drain your brain on radicalized, far-right websites (shitholes) and ‘news’ outlets, facts get ignored while conspiracy theories take center stage and become the reality in which the lunatic fringe live in.

“It can be a lot more emotionally comfortable to believe that not only did it not happen, but that the thing that happened is actually a conspiracy to delegitimize your beliefs,” said Mike Caulfield, a research scientist at the Center for an Informed Public at the University of Washington.

One way people can confront false flag claims during chaotic events is to first ask themselves if they or the people posting these conspiracy theories are experts in crises, Caulfield said, and instead of jumping to conclusions, seek out experts and credible sources first.

Unfortunately, the lunatic fringe’s definition of experts and credible sources is not the same as those who live in reality and who can clearly decipher fact from fiction or…..a conspiracy theory.

Politifact has rated this latest lunacy as:

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