Billionaire hosts a fundraiser for Senator Joe Manchin; hopes he switches parties and challenges President Biden

DINO and Senator from one of the poorest and drug infested states in the United States, Joe Manchin, attended a $5,000 a plate fundraiser hosted by billionaire and Wall Street veteran Nelson Peltz at his palatial crib in Florida last month. Other attendees included Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman, along with Home Depot co-founders Ken Langone and Bernard Marcus and numerous other big GOP donors. Although the fundraiser was for Manchin’s reelection in 2024, a small group of donors at the event privately said they hope he changes parties and runs for president as a Republican against Biden in 2024 instead.

“Mr. Peltz supports Mr. Manchin. He believes Mr. Manchin is a rare elected politician from both sides of the aisle who puts country before party, something which Mr. Peltz believes is much needed in our country today,” Anne Tarbell, Peltz’s spokeswoman, said in an email to CNBC. Peltz told CNBC last year that he speaks to Manchin every week and has been personal friends with him for a decade.

A person attending the event said that Mr. Peltz supported TFG in the past but views Senator Manchin as someone who could defeat President Biden in 2024.


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