Tucker Carlson Goes Nuts for Testicle Tanning

The promotional video for Tucker Carlson’s upcoming special “The End of Men” actually promotes testicle tanning. Yes, Tucker’s guest, Andrew McGovern, “fitness professional,” thinks toasting the jiggly bits would address the “total collapse of testosterone levels in American men.”

The machine pictured in the promotional video is not a Tesla charger but some sort of infrared light therapy.

McGovern thinks men don’t trust mainstream therapies, so he’s promoting “bromeopathy” for dudes, and Tucker seems open to possibilities. But even Tucker’s next guest who visited after the McGovern interview thought tot-tanning was a bit “two much.”

Tucker Carlson was even “two stupid” for Kid Rock, and Tucker seemed nervous with the masculine skepticism from the Kid. In classic Tucker fashion, he asks, “Why wouldn’t open-minded people seek new solutions?”

HuffPo, Mediaite

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