Exposed: Slimy, Dark Money Group Targeting President Biden’s Nominations

The American Accountability Foundation has undermined the likes of Ketanji Brown Jackson, but it’s also gone after relatively obscure political appointees whose public profiles can be easily distorted.

We all can recall how the most vile of the vile GQP treated our newly appointed SC Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson during her confirmation hearing. The New Yorker decided to dig deeper and found that the American Accountability Foundation, a tax exempt organization consisting of slimy, radicalized, far-right extremists who won’t disclose their funding, has one goal: Tank ALL of President Biden’s nominations.

Spoiler Alert: Money can be traced back to none other than…TFG and his circle of jackals.

  • While the hearings were taking place, the A.A.F. publicly took credit for uncovering a note in the Harvard Law Review in which, they claimed, Jackson had “argued that America’s judicial system is too hard on sexual offenders.” The group also tweeted that she had a “soft-on-sex-offender” record during her eight years as a judge on the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. As the Washington Post and other outlets stated, Jackson’s sentencing history on such cases was well within the judicial mainstream, and in line with a half-dozen judges appointed by the Trump Administration.
  • The group hosts a Web site,, that displays the photographs of Administration nominees it has targeted, as though they were hunting trophies.
  • The Rub: The A.A.F., which is run by conservative white men, has particularly focussed on blocking women and people of color.

Take a few moments to read the article posted above and watch Rachel Maddow’s interview with Jane Mayer, chief Washington correspondent for the New Yorker.


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