State Senator Mallory McMorrow Blasts QAnon Colleague in Viral Speech

Last week when a Michigan state senator claimed kids were exposed to LGBTQ+ and racial “attacks” — during a senate invocation — three Democratic senators walked out.

Senator Lana Theis didn’t stop there, she doubled down in Q-Anon style. Theis called out by name one of those who had walked out in a fundraising e-mail, claiming Democrats like state Sen. Mallory McMorrow are “trolls” and “groomers” that “sexualize” children.

Sen Lana Theis

“These are the people we are up against,” reads the email titled, “groomers outraged by my invocation.”

“Progressive social media trolls like Senator Mallory McMorrow (D-Snowflake) who are outraged they can’t … groom and sexualize kindergarteners or that 8-year-olds are responsible for slavery.” — Sen Lana Theis.

That senator, Mallory McMorrow, took to the senate floor on Tuesday to fight back, and the speech went viral. At this writing, it has received over 8.2 million views.

Lana Theis is being primaried by a Trump-endorsed candidate.

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